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Classy Joints is the pocket purveyor for everything you need to have a great time and get high. We’ve curated our platform to suit the needs of a craft enthusiast by giving savvy smokers the best options in marijuanalifestyle.

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Finally, everything you need is in one place. The hassle of acquiring and what to do afterwards is a thing of the past. Need to find a good batch of Blueberry Kush? Or maybe you just need to find somewhere to enjoy a night out after smoking up. Classy Joints has it all, from locating dispensaries to finding deals on awesome activities and nightlife–we can show you a good time.

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Classy Joints has the deals you want. Our clean platform is easy to navigate and allows you to seamlessly plan your next adventure. Lose yourself in a crowd or meet up with friends. We’re here to help you save time and money so that the only thing that you’re cashing out, is your pipe.

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Finding your perfect strain doesn’t have to be like finding your soul mate. Great dispensaries have exclusive partnerships with local growers’ signature strains. We locate one of "kine" buds in real-time so you can focus on doing the things you love. Our in-stock dispensary listings show you exclusive items so that you can try something new. We know for damn sure the next time you show up to a smoke session, you won't be empty handed.

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Classy Joints provides you with everything you need to get lifted and have a great time. This is not just another marijuana locator. Our easy-to-use maps help you locate places to pick up and get out—with dispensaries, nightlife, events, and outdoor activities all in one place.

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Cannabis brings people together. We naturally form a circle and with one smokey offering, total strangers can become life-long friends. Connect on a higher level and safely satisfy your sense of curiosity.

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We’re only as young as we feel. At Classy Joints we support your path to wellness. Let our medical marijuana resources help facilitate your therapy by linking you with support groups, dispensaries, and growers.

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Classy Joints is a firm believer in the power of many. Through your support we donate 4.20% of our profits towards strengthening your communities. With our help, smokers and nonsmokers alike can stand as one in support of drug education, local land preservation, and medical cannabis research.

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Classy Joints was founded on one idea—helping local communities grow. Through your support and patronage we will continue to evolve bringing you the very best of local recreational marijuana culture. Take a second to subscribe and keep up to date on news about our launch.

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In this fast-paced, wild west industry of ours, we believe that supporting the mom and pop shops and small businesses gives a positive outlook to each community and its residents. Through growth, quality, and responsibility comes a community of like-minded enthusiasts, supporters, and customers. We’re all looking to progress the movement making marijuana acceptable everywhere and for all to benefit and enjoy. Tap that market with Classy Joints.

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