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Classy Joints is the pocket purveyor designed for forward thinking adults and productive members of society. We’ve curated our platform to suit the needs of the craft enthusiast and savvy consumer who seek a truly unique, one-of-a-kind digital experience.

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Finally, everything you need is in one place. Make new friends and reconnect with old ones, all while discovering and sharing your stories, photos and videos. Take your newly formed friendships beyond the virtual world by attending one of our many hosted social groups – we can show you a good time.

Save Some Green, Get a Tokin™

Classy Joints has the deals you want. Our platform is easy to navigate and allows you to seamlessly plan your next adventure. Lose yourself in a crowd or meet up with friends. We’re here to help you save time and money so the only thing you’re cashing out is your pipe.

Interested in saving money of food and services? Classy Joints has the deals you want. We’ve partnered with small businesses to help promote their products and services while bringing you special offers. Redeem any of our exclusive Classy Joints Tokin™ vouchers today or share them with friends.

You Complete Me

Meet other like-minded adults in judgement free zones. Come together to explore community clubs, events and gatherings of all kinds. Classy Joints encourages creativity, education, community, health and nature through user-hosted and brand-sponsored social groups.

Discover, Explore, Experience

Classy Joints provides you with everything you need to get lifted and have a great time. Our easy-to-use maps help you locate places to pick up and get out – with brands, nightlife, events, and outdoor activities all in one place.

A New 21+ Social Network

Post and share stories with other like-minded individuals, connect with the community and get inspired by the things you love.

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Get Well. Feel Better.

At Classy Joints we support your path to wellness. Let our medical resources help to facilitate your therapy by linking you with our own medical community. Use the Connections app feature to search brand-sponsored events and hosted social groups that peak your interest.

Seeds for Tomorrow

Classy Joints is a firm believer in the power of many. Through your support we plan to donate a percentage of our profits towards strengthening your community. With our help, cannabis consumers and non-consumers alike can stand as one in support of drug education, local land preservation and medical cannabis research.

Get on Our Level

Classy Joints was founded on one idea – helping local communities grow. We believe that supporting mom and pop shops and small businesses gives a positive outlook to each community and its residents. Through growth, quality, and responsibility comes a community of like-minded enthusiasts, supporters and customers. It has been our goal to bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and main street businesses by connecting the new cannabis consumer – productive members of society – to the brands and services that they enjoy.

Spark Your Business

Leverage our social network by running affordable, targeted paid advertising campaigns. Connect with people, businesses and organizations. Sponsor hosted social groups to create more memorable brand experiences. New, value-added features will continue to be developed and added to the platform to satisfy the user’s curiosity, providing new vehicles to extend a business’ reach into our exclusive user-base. Tap into that market with Classy Joints and build better relationships with customers at the intersection of commerce, content and community.

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